What is congee? An intestine ravaging concoction? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I’m in Shanghai for… well let’s say an unspecified length of time. I’d like to not publish to many personal details here, as it (as one of my favorite fictional characters might say) might not be conducive to a long-term plan. I will be blogging at least every day, though probably a bit more. Uploading pictures and my impressions of Shangai. I flew in to Pudong Airport yesterday, after a fifteen hour flight to Hong Kong. On the plane, I was given the option of some kind of scrambled egg dish OR beef congee. Now, I rarely trust eggs even when I am at home, so the prospect of scarfing down a warm-ish plateful of scrambled egg cake was rather distasteful. As a result of this, I opted for the beef.

Now here is an important distinction. I did not ask for the congee, but the beef. My expectations as to what this strange dish could be were boggling my mind. Incredibly I asked for it (this time I chose the chicken) on the next flight as well. It turns out that congee, is… well if I had to equate it to any food I have ever eaten, I would say that Beef Congee is slices of beef in what would commonly be known as gruel. Not to say it was bad, in fact with buttered bread and salt and pepper, it was passably good for a random meal on an airplane. Unfortunately (and though I have an iron stomach) the consistency of the congee matched the consistency of what it forced my body to produce as soon as I could find a suitable bathroom. I love Chinese food. I do not love congee. Here’s hoping I can find some places to eat around here that would have a higher fiber content. I know my lower intesines would experience quite some relief.

I googled a picture of congee to give some perspective. Imagine this in a tiny rectangular airplane tray.


I will update later today with more.


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