Came back from work, and had dinner at a place near my hotel. It was good, and after my meal allowance, the entire meal came to 5 yuan including the tip, which is 83 cents. Though the selection was limited, I got beef, carrots, potatoes and rice. Not bad for 83 cents.

Here’s the Shanghai element to it. I got a note from work for the meal allowance. It says in Mandarin “Please givea receipt with the following company’s name on it: [Company’s Name].” So every day, whenever I get food, I have to carry around my food note like I’m a mute. I give full credit to my waitress for not bursting out in laughter right in my face. I laughed for like ten minutes when they handed it to me. The waitress was really nice, and every attempt I made to speak English to her, she would just politely shrug her shoulders and give me a gesture of inability to understand. It took me a bit to stop trying. Also, earlier today I got my subway pass and put about five dollars on it. That should get me 4-5 long trips on the subway, or so I’m told.


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