Dogs in China

I love dogs and cats (and all animals really). That’s right, I don’t participate in the false dichotomy of the pets war. But having been here only a couple of days, I’m beginning to sense a pattern. I’ve seen a bunch of people walking brown and black fluffy, poodle-looking dogs. They look sort of like this.


Except black or brown and a bit larger.

They’re incredibly annoying, way too agressive, and they seem sort of conceited. Were I trapped on an island with hundreds of these yapping monsters, I would be rolling around the island in a leaf and branch chariot powered by their tiny bodies in under a week. Still not sure if I could eat dog though. Anyway, thats’ the majority of people (form what I’ve seen, though there are quite a few).

Then there is this guy.

Poor bastard, he thinks he's in charge.

Poor bastard, he thinks he’s in charge.

This dude, lets call him Boat (I don’t believe in racially-based naming paradigms, go fuck yourself) thinks he has leashed what appears to be a dog. Boat is incorrect. Boat has been tricked by the demon standing next to him into holding a leash, only until he has be brought back to the demon’s lair to be seasoned and devoured. Boat is going to get rocked (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself).

But seriously, that dog is giant. It was taller than Boat when it was up on its hind legs. I wish I spoke Mandarin so I could have asked him the breed. Because googling “Chinese Wolf Dog” doesn’t work.

I think we can all agree that's not the same dog.

I think we can all agree that’s not the same dog.

So I guess that’s going to remain a mystery. But now I now it’s out there. Watching. Waiting. Holy crap now I’m scared. It probably weighs more than I do. Thanks WordPress, now I’ll never be able to walk down a dark street without thinking of that. But most likely it’s incredibly friendly. Big dogs usually are, while small dogs tend to be dicks. I’ll try and get a picture of one of those poodle-looking things I keep seeing people walking.


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