So what happened?

Well yesterday I took a cab from Pudong Airport into Shanghai. After pointing out the company dorm I was staying at (literally pointing at the address in Mandarin like some kind of demented ape), the driver brought me to a building. This building.

Damn it, finger.

Damn it, finger.

After walking into the lobby of this beautifully designed anomaly on the Shanghai landscape, I quickly discovered that not only did no one in the building speak English, but that this was not the building I would be staying in. My place of residence was four buildings down in the same compound, and was significantly more appropriate for a downtown Shanghai apartment. I’ll upload pictures of it in future a future post. Upon arriving, I rang the buzzer to my apartment number, only to find out that there was no one there. Calling my Chinese contact was fruitless, and did not bring me any closer to the inside of the building. What did, however, was a nice Chinese lady who unknowingly opened the door and let me in. I took the elevator up and discovered that, yes, there really is no one here. Discouraged I found a hotel for a couple of nights and decided to deal with this problem in the morning, after a solid night’s sleep. After all, work started in the morning.

When I got to work I confirmed I’m the only one living in the apartment (woohoooooooooo), and so having paid for the night in the hotel already, I’m going to move my luggage in today and myself in tomorrow.

Also I discovered the first place in the world outside of cartoons where red fire hydrants exist. It’s China. They populate the cities of Looney Tunes shorts and the streets of Shanghai. Well done China, I’ve always wanted to see that. Now if only they could get some bright yellow cabs here…

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