Lunch (and credit where it’s due)

Hey, really quickly I’d like to thank everyone who’s following me. Didn’t really think anyone but my girlfriend, family, and a couple friends would follow. Its cool, and it makes me want to post cool stuff. Anyways, onto today.

I went out for lunch with a friend and we went to a local noodle shop famous(in the area) for its’ noodles. We had the same thing. It was a huuuuuge bowl of spicy noodles with sliced up lettuce, assorted vegetables, and chunks of beef. It was very good, and a deal at only 20 yuan ($3.32 CAD). I couldn’t even finish it (though this could be because I, in the words of many people I know, “eat like a bird”). On the way there I scoped out various sichuan and dim sum places for later in the week. Yay for cheap and delicious food. And its boiled, not fried, so it seems to be (relatively healthier).

Walking back from the noodle place, I saw something I hadn’t ever seen anywhere else other than Tokyo Drift. Cars stacked on top of each other, held up by machinery that could lower or raise it, and more cars tucked in underneath them. An automated, open air parking garage. It was really cool. Seems incredibly inconvenient for the people whose cars are suspended in the air though.

And here’s the view from my bathroom at work.

More later today.

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