So so many things.



I was walking around the city a bit yesterday, and I noticed a few interesting things. Firstly, that bike and motorbike riders don’t feel the need (for the most part) to wear helmets.


Secondly, they seem to think they can retain their pedestrian status while atop their two wheeled vehicles. What I mean by this is that they ride up on the sidewalk, up with us human beings who do not have bikes, only breakable and squishy human bodies. This is mildly terrifying. From a scale of 1 being being covered in cats and 10 being escaping from a horde of 28 Days Later zombies without any weapons, I would rate the terror at about…a 3. Maybe a 4. While I don’t have any pictures at the moment to back up my 4(yeah now that I think about it, it’s a solid 4), I will taking pictures in the coming days to document the chaos. And god help you if you’re listening to music walking down the street.


Finally, while talking to a colleague from work, I discovered that cars do not brake. This is something I hadn’t noticed right away, but upon closer observation I realized that, yes they really don’t. Also, while in North America cars treat right turns on red lights like a stop sign (by which I mean stop, then proceed to turn if its safe) drivers here just turn. Pedestrians? Fuck pedestrians. I feel like if there were to be a legitimate driver vs. pedestrian war here, the streets would run red with blood. And mechanics would make a killing fixing all the cars with people-shaped dents in them.


Walking around, I saw a bunch of familiar things. This includes many starbucks(some across the street from each other[]) and even a subway. Then there were some(many) unfamiliar places. Here’s a taste of life at the street level of Shanghai.









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