Okay, so I tried something different.

There’s a Thai place by the plaza at work that looks good, so I went there with a coworker. It was really good. However, once there, the waitress asked us to share a booth with some random dude, as there was no seating available. We did, and then changed seats as soon as we could. I really wanted to take a picture of him (he was sitting right in front of us) but it would’ve been way too obvious. Sharing tables and booths seems to be a much more common thing here, and I just don’t care, though I know a lot of people would. What can you even do in a city of thirty million, though? You just have to roll with it. Everyone keeps to themselves anyway, so it’s not that big a deal. Anyway, I had a minced chicken rice with chilies and steamed rice. It was a bit more expensive for a meal here, 28 Yuan (4.74 CAD). Now I want to cut out early and go there.

Oh, also when I ordered a Lemon Tea,  I didn’t realize it was an Lemon Ice Tea. Very misleading menu. Sneaky, sneaky restauranteurs.

Oh, and they have this great dessert that’s a sweet paste wrapped in a banana leaf. I’ve had it in lots of cities. Going to go back and that get that too.


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