Out for a late night walk, more dogs and cats

So remember that dog/monster I saw? It seems to be quite a popular breed. This one looked like my girlfriend’s golden lab, Cheddar. Only he was bigger. The human he had intimidated into walking him was totally cool with me taking pictures, but it was dark and I didn’t want to push it too much. Sorry about the quality of the pictures.

And then while having lunch, my hand dropped down and a tiny orange kitten leapt at it, biting my hand(not hard). It kept hunting my hand while I tried to pet it. I was having lunch with a coworker, and I was seriously so close to taking it home to the apartment and keeping it as my pet for a few weeks. this is exactly the reason my girlfriend doesn’t show me pictures of the adorable cats our friends have. Cause then I just want to take them home. But really, this cat needed to be mine. Unfortunately, my coworker made the key point that it would be so hard at the end of my time here to then put in back out onto the street. And I guess that’s fair. I will continue to go back there though, and play with it(and consider keeping it for a bit). Oh and I wouldn’t just steal someone’s cat. It was a street cat that wandered into the restaurant. Oh and that brings up other issues of vaccinations, fleas, etc. But I still want to keep it.

Also, I had the best lunch at that place. You can choose your own meats, vegetables, and noodles and then boil it up, cover it with hot sauce and toss it a big chunk of peanut butter. I know it sounds weird, but it was soooooooo delicious.


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