I was at Carrefour

At carrefour, the one near my apartment in Shanghai, and this is how they chose to display the carpets they have.

Also, this is that type of dog I was talking about in a previous post. You know, the type that everyone seems to have.

And sadly, I have been informed that this is the upscale version of the Shanghai sex worker industry. It’s called “Dream in Shanghai”.

It’s a massive building, that has to be over four floors at least. The sign on the outside touts that it is over 10,000 square feet. Girls wait inside for people to pick them. Just to be clear, this is not a brothel per se. Rich businessmen park their cars on the pavement outside the place, walk in and pick some girls. These girls accompany him, and perhaps his friends, to a karaoke room. They drink and hang out with the aforementioned businessmen, and then have the option to go home with the businessmen. I like this aspect of this because at least the girls (presumably) have the option to not accompany these drunk guys back to whatever hotel their company is paying for. I am not, however, an idiot. The girls probably have no choice when it’s “high-roller” client, or they have a quota to meet. Unfortunate that someone super rich and powerful in Shanghai is using their money and influence to run this pseudo-brothel, rather than develop inner China and make (probably)more money from creating thriving communities within the country. Whatever I guess.


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