Let me apologize

Firstly, though I have not updated in a WHILE, I have not stopped taking photos. I apologize for not updating for this long. I will try to offset this by posting a lot right now. Though I didn’t get to do all the stuff I planned in the last post, I was able to do other stuff. So for the last time, sorry about the break. Time to get back to the updates.


So, like something straight out of Mulan, I saw a man selling crickets in small wicker cages, with the option of getting colored cricket cages that resemble those normally used to contain small birds. I asked my coworkers about this but since no one was able to give me a satisfactory answer, my only frame of reference for this is Mulan. Actually hold on, I’m going to Google this.

Ok so this is interesting. Apparently people have kept crickets as pets in China for a long time now. Since around the 12th century, actually. First kept for their songs, after some time they were used to fight each other, with the owners presumably placing bets on the outcome. As well, cages are mainly for transportation, and people sometimes get special gourds that acoustically enhance the tone and/or loudness of a crickets’ chirping. That’s cool.

Also while I was walking past the same shops I normally get lunch at, I saw the kitten I was playing with the other day sleeping in a store window. It was too cute for it’s own good.

I also went to this restaurant called  “Lao Dong”, which apparently means “Our Chairman”(which I found hilarious).


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