More food for 50 Yuan

I got some chinese Kinder Eggs recently, and they’re called Kinder Surprise here. There is no chocolate coating with a toy inside. There are, however, two halves of the egg that crack apart. One half has the toy inside, while the other has white chocolate and “Ferrero-Roche”-like spiky chocolate balls lodged inside. You eat it with the spoon provided. The toys are interesting, and I want to get more to see what they are, or maybe find a site with an index of them. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same.

So one toy is a paintbrush-like thing that you put at the end of a pencil(?) and paint with. The other is a mini-game that seems cool. I’ll try and get more of these to show you guys.

Also, I went to a Japanese place at lunch. Not sure what it was called, as all the signs were in Mandarin. It was in a mall by where I work though.

I had the chicken teriyaki there. It was good, but then there’s this egg dish that I’m not too fond of. It has the consistency of flan, minus the flavour. It’s mainly egg whites, which while I’m sure is good for you, is not that great.

And finally, I found this peanut cookie I have been looking for since I last came to china. There it was for sale at a small shop by the Shaolin Temple, and they had both peanut and walnut. I had thought it was only found around there, but luckily I found both flavours at the Carrefour here. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Needless to say, I will be bringing this home.

Oh, and one more thing. I found candy cigarettes here that come in a package that looks like real cigarettes. I thought that was funny, as they probably wouldn’t allow it in North America.


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